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    好吃的西瓜作文|好吃的西瓜 英语作文

    水果王国里的水果数都数不清,可我最喜欢吃的就是大西瓜了。There are countless fruits in the fruit Kingdom, but my favorite is the big watermelon.星期六高中作文,爸爸给我买了一个大西瓜,它穿着带墨绿色条纹的衣裳,圆圆的身子有趣的实验作文,还带着小辫儿,远看好像胖小猪。我拿刀把它切开一看有趣的实验作文,红红的瓜瓤馋得我直流口水,红红的瓜瓤里夹着许多西瓜籽,就像洒落的小黑米,红红的瓜瓤里还有一条条不规则的白线有趣的实验作文,就像一根根血管,西瓜终于切好了,我大口大口的吃起来,啊!好甜好可口的西瓜。On Saturday, my father bought me a big watermelon. It was dressed in dark green striped clothes, round body and pigtail. It looked like a fat pig from a distance. I take a knife to cut it. The red pulp makes my mouth water. There are many watermelon seeds in the red pulp, like little black rice. There are irregular white lines in the red pulp, like a blood vessel. The watermelon is finally cut. I eat it with a big mouth, ah! What a sweet and delicious watermelon.爸爸真会买西瓜啊!Dad can really buy watermelon!
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