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    妈妈生病了作文|妈妈生病了 英语作文

    一天父与子作文, 妈妈生病了。小丽先给妈妈量了体温,妈妈发烧39度。小丽想了想,妈妈应该吃什么呢?她进了厨房,做了一碗方便面父与子作文,盖上盖,泡了五分钟父与子作文,送给妈妈吃。妈妈说:孩子,你长大了!”小丽听了可高兴了!She went into the kitchen, made a bowl of instant noodles, covered it, soaked it for five minutes, and gave it to her mother. The mother said, "child, you have grown up!" Xiaoli is so happy to hear that!
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