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    山村雪景作文|山村雪景 英语作文

    今天我乘坐班车,风尘仆仆赶往南丰际下小山村拜年,这里山山相连高中作文网,虽然是冬天,那树林还是那样山青水秀。Today, I took the shuttle bus and hurried to the small mountain village of nanfengji to pay a new year\s Eve. The mountains and mountains are connected here. Although it\s winter, the woods are still green and beautiful.我来时天上下着鹅毛大雪高中作文网,不一会儿大地变成了银白色的世界,山上冰天雪地北风刺骨小学作文,门前的雪地上小狗画满了梅花,真是下雪狗快乐。When I came, it was snowing heavily. In a short time, the earth turned into a silvery white world. The north wind on the ice and snow of the mountain was piercing. The dog in the snow in front of the door was painted with plum blossom. It was really a happy snow dog.这美丽的小山村多么迷人呀!我看了这山村雪景使我流连忘返高中作文网,我希望这雪景永远留在我身边。What a charming little mountain village! I watched the snow in the mountain village, which made me forget to return. I hope the snow will stay with me forev
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