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    打画片作文|打画片 英语作文

    今天在棋院下课时,我和同学打画片雾的作文,看起来很容易,打起来却很难小学作文,一定要掌握打画片的方法。应该将手指把画片夹紧,然后再把手提起雾的作文,对准画片,用劲打翻画片。Today, after class in the Chess Academy, my classmates and I played pictures. It seemed very easy, but it was very difficult to fight. We must master the method of playing pictures. You should clamp the picture with your fingers, then lift up your hands, aim at the picture, and turn the picture hard.打画片也能锻炼身体,它能使人全身运动雾的作文,但也有坏处,打画片手接触地面有很多细菌爬在手上,如果打完不洗手就会使人生病,所以打完后一定要洗手。Playing picture can also exercise the body, it can make people move all over the body, but there are also disadvantages. There are a lot of bacteria crawling on the hand when the player touches the ground. If he doesn\t wash his hands after playing, he will be sick, so he must wash his hands after play
    假期作文 雾的作文 节约用水作文
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