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    我教你做杯子作文|我教你做杯子 英语作文

    你会做杯子吗?你不会我来教你,准备好橡皮泥吧。Can you make a cup? You won\t let me teach you. Get the dough ready.第一步先把橡皮泥做成一个圆圆的底童年回忆作文,用来做杯子的底。接着再用橡皮泥做一个20厘米的长方形的扁扁的片,来做杯子壁,不过还要把它卷起来做成一个筒的样子。The first step is to make a round bottom of the plasticine, which is used to make the bottom of the cup. Then make a 20cm rectangular flat piece of plasticine to make the cup wall, but also roll it up to make a cylinder.接下来,把杯子的底和壁粘起来。Next, stick the bottom and the wall of the cup together.下面该做杯子的把儿了,我用蓝色的橡皮泥做杯子的把儿高中作文童年回忆作文,再把这个把儿粘在杯子的侧面。Now it\s time to make the handle of the cup. I use the blue putty to make the handle of the cup, and then stick the handle on the side of the cup.最后,把五颜六色的橡皮泥拿出来,用紫色的泥做了5朵小花,用黄色的泥做小蝴蝶,用绿色的泥做小草,把它们粘在杯子。Finally, take out the colorful plasticine, make five small flowers with purple mud, make small butterflies with yellow mud, and make small grass with green mud, and stick them to the cup.一个漂亮的小杯子就做好了,小朋友童年回忆作文,你学会了吗?自己也做一做吧。A beautiful little cup is ready. Have you learned it, little friend? Do it y
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